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Hypnotherapy Somerset

with Sharon Eastwood

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is empowering.
Here at Hypnotherapy Somerset we use it to positively benefit our clients by helping to alleviate, relieve or eradicate unwanted behaviours, symptoms or issues.

Our body wants to heal. Isn’t that amazing?
(Remember when you cut or grazed your skin? And how quickly your body protected it with a scab?). Hypnotherapy helps us access and encourage our body’s natural mental and physical self-healing processes.

Old unwanted, unhelpful, unhealthy habits can be replaced with beneficial, healthier and long-lasting new behaviours. Confidence and self-esteem can be increased. Anxiety can be reduced.

Hypnosis is a natural state

It’s centuries old! It is safe and has many healing uses.
You’ve probably experienced a hypnotic trance-like state already today without even realising it!

How about reaching your destination and not remembering passing familiar landmarks? Or a time when you were so absorbed in a book, film, game or some other task or pursuit, that life went on around you without you being aware? Your focus was so concentrated on that one thing, it excluded everything else.

This natural state of hypnosis happens quite frequently for many people. You might say it is similar to daydreaming.

Logical v ‘unconscious’ mind

In hypnosis we can “by-pass” our logical, analytical, reasoning (conscious) mind. We can then access the deeper part of our mind. We’ll call it our ‘unconscious’ mind. Here in this deep part of our mind we store everything about us – positive and negative: every experience, thought, feeling, behaviour, action, memory, skill, personality trait, …. everything!

Here too we can make profound and long lasting changes that positively benefit our lives. Hypnotherapy is just as it sounds – hypnosis and therapy combined and it is 100% safe. When hypnosis is used to entertain and make audiences laugh it is not hypnotherapy.
We use it to achieve positive outcomes for our clients – a means to a therapeutic end as it were!

Our minds are powerful

Our thoughts are too. Positively or negatively they can have a physical effect on our body. Yes! Really! What thought made you blush? Or your stomach flutter? Or gave you goose-bumps?

We hypnotherapists can help our patients achieve solutions or goals to their symptom, condition or situation by working with their ‘unconscious’ mind and stimulating their own mental and physical self-healing processes. Mind and body working together for the greater good! And in case you’re thinking it, it is not about controlling minds! No one can be hypnotised if they do not want it to happen.


We believe there is a strong link between body and mind where illness, disease (dis-ease) and general health and well-being of the body is concerned. There is a relatively new area of science and research called Psychoneuroimmunology (or PNI for short!). It’s of particular interest to us and focuses on the link between mind and body and how the mind can produce a physical effect on the body, (positive or negative). It is a fascinating science and, with more and more information becoming available we continue to acknowledge how wonderful and powerful a healing entity the human mind and body can be.