How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Hypnotherapy is the key

Hypnotherapy is the key

Hypnotherapy is empowering. So how can it help YOU?

Used positively hypnotherapy can hold the key. Hypnotherapy can benefit you by helping you ease, relieve or eradicate unwanted behaviours, symptoms or issues.

Our bodies have a tremendous capacity for healing.

The most fantastic process automatically kicks off every time we injure ourselves. We take it for granted don’t we, but just think back to the last time you cut yourself and remember how that wonderful body of yours healed that wound? And you didn’t even have to think about it.

Hypnotherapy works with the deep part of the mind. We’ll call it the unconscious mind: it’s the non-reasoning, non-critical part of the mind.  Hypnotherapy can benefit you by safely accessing this part of the mind and encouraging the body’s natural mental and physical self-healing processes.

It’s the place where old unwanted habits are replaced by new improved behaviours; where self confidence and self-esteem builds, grows and blossoms; where stresses and anxieties are reduced.

Hypnosis is natural and centuries old

Hypnosis is a safe, natural healing phenomenon that is centuries old. Records show it was practiced in ancient Greece and Egypt.

In fact the word “Hypnos” is Greek and means “sleep”. Used therapeutically it is a safe technique that has many healing uses. Can you begin to see how hypnotherapy can benefit you?

Most of us experience hypnotic trance-like states without even realising it? When did you last become so absorbed in a book, TV programme or some other task or pursuit, that life continued on around you without you even being aware?
Why were you not aware? Because your focus concentrated on that one thing and excluded everything else that continued to go on around you.

Logical v unconscious mind

In hypnosis our analytical/reasoning mind, (or conscious mind) is by-passed so that the deep part of the mind (unconscious) is accessed.

It is here in this deep part of our mind that we store every single thing we have ever experienced; every thought, feeling, behaviour, action, memory, whether they be positive or negative.

And it is here too that profound and long lasting changes are made that positively benefit you.

Hypnotherapy is just as it sounds – hypnosis and therapy combined.

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Positive Outcome

Hypnosis is not a therapy in itself. Like most things, it is used positively or negatively.

Hypnosis used for entertainment purposes is not what hypnotherapy is about.

As a hypnotherapist I use hypnosis as a tool to achieve the best possible positive outcome for each person. I use it as a means to a therapeutic end as it were.

Hypnosis – A Natural State

Hypnosis is a state of altered awareness and heightened focus. It is a natural state and happens quite often for many people.

It is like daydreaming for instance, when the mind becomes relaxed and focused, where time passes very quickly, and is accompanied by good feelings of deep relaxation in mind and body.

Our minds are powerful

Hypnotherapy can benefit you because as a treatment it utilises the benefits of hypnosis for the positive effect of the patient.

Our minds are powerful, and thoughts, whether they be positive or negative, can affect our physical bodies.


In a relaxed hypnotic daydream-like state, mind and body can work together and, as a hypnotherapist I can help each of my patients stimulate their own mental and physical self-healing processes so that they can find solutions or achieve goals to their presenting symptom, condition, issue or situation. And this is how hypnotherapy can benefit you. How cool is that?

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