How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Hypnotherapy is the key

Hypnotherapy is the key

Hypnotherapy is empowering. So how can it help YOU?

Used positively hypnotherapy can hold the key. Hypnotherapy can benefit you by helping you ease, relieve or eradicate unwanted behaviours, symptoms or issues.

Our bodies have a tremendous capacity for healing.

The most fantastic process automatically kicks off every time we injure ourselves. We take it for granted don’t we, but just think back to the last time you cut yourself and remember how that wonderful body of yours healed that wound? And you didn’t even have to think about it.

Hypnotherapy works with the deep part of the mind. We’ll call it the unconscious mind: it’s the non-reasoning, non-critical part of the mind.  Hypnotherapy can benefit you by safely accessing this part of the mind and encouraging the body’s natural mental and physical self-healing processes.

It’s the place where old unwanted habits are replaced by new improved behaviours; where self confidence and self-esteem builds, grows and blossoms; where stresses and anxieties are reduced.

Hypnosis is natural and centuries old

Hypnosis is a safe, natural healing phenomenon that is centuries old. Records show it was practiced in ancient Greece and Egypt.

In fact the word “Hypnos” is Greek and means “sleep”. Used therapeutically it is a safe technique that has many healing uses. Can you begin to see how hypnotherapy can benefit you?

Most of us experience hypnotic trance-like states without even realising it? When did you last become so absorbed in a book, TV programme or some other task or pursuit, that life continued on around you without you even being aware?
Why were you not aware? Because your focus concentrated on that one thing and excluded everything else that continued to go on around you.

Logical v unconscious mind

In hypnosis our analytical/reasoning mind, (or conscious mind) is by-passed so that the deep part of the mind (unconscious) is accessed.

It is here in this deep part of our mind that we store every single thing we have ever experienced; every thought, feeling, behaviour, action, memory, whether they be positive or negative.

And it is here too that profound and long lasting changes are made that positively benefit you.

Hypnotherapy is just as it sounds – hypnosis and therapy combined.

Hyp pic 1

Positive Outcome

Hypnosis is not a therapy in itself. Like most things, it is used positively or negatively.

Hypnosis used for entertainment purposes is not what hypnotherapy is about.

As a hypnotherapist I use hypnosis as a tool to achieve the best possible positive outcome for each person. I use it as a means to a therapeutic end as it were.

Hypnosis – A Natural State

Hypnosis is a state of altered awareness and heightened focus. It is a natural state and happens quite often for many people.

It is like daydreaming for instance, when the mind becomes relaxed and focused, where time passes very quickly, and is accompanied by good feelings of deep relaxation in mind and body.

Our minds are powerful

Hypnotherapy can benefit you because as a treatment it utilises the benefits of hypnosis for the positive effect of the patient.

Our minds are powerful, and thoughts, whether they be positive or negative, can affect our physical bodies.


In a relaxed hypnotic daydream-like state, mind and body can work together and, as a hypnotherapist I can help each of my patients stimulate their own mental and physical self-healing processes so that they can find solutions or achieve goals to their presenting symptom, condition, issue or situation. And this is how hypnotherapy can benefit you. How cool is that?

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How does Hypnotherapy work




How does Hypnotherapy work

How does Hypnotherapy work

How does hypnotherapy work? There are differing points of view on this but in essence, Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious or unconscious mind. Hypnosis provides instant access to the subconscious.

Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind is the logical reasoning thinking part of brain. It is where you are, right here, right now, reading this blog. We cannot remember every tiny piece of information so our conscious mind chooses to remember what it wishes to remember and chooses to forget what it wishes to forget.

conscious and unconscious mind like an iceberg

Subconscious or Unconscious Mind

The subconscious or unconscious mind is the “doing” part of our brain. It functions automatically without us needing to think about it. For instance, when did you last think about your breathing and how to do it? Most of the time we don’t. It just happens automatically.

Here in our subconscious is everything we’ve ever said, done, felt, heard, seen. Here is everything we know and think. Here is every emotion, every thought, every action. All filed away – in a very clever filing system.

In hypnotherapy we work with the subconscious and the power of Suggestion using hypnosis. As hypnotherapists we can help our patients access their filing system and pull out any files they choose to work with. Even those that are deeply archived.

It is in the subconscious that the hypnotherapist can help the patient make positive beneficial changes. But first the conscious mind, the logical part of the brain needs to be by-passed. And often (but not always), we use relaxation techniques to do this.

Our Minds are Powerful

Our minds are powerful and we can use that to positive effect with hypnotherapy. The key to our subconscious is our imagination.

Hypnosis used therapeutically in hypnotherapy is quite simply the most powerful device for personal development and positive change.

Why? Because it utilises the most powerful part of our creative potential. Our imagination.

Hypnosis is a natural self-healing gift

Hypnosis is a natural self-healing gift to us all, but only if we are aware of it and choose to use it.

In a hypnotic heightened state of awareness we are given an opportunity to reprogramme old unwanted behaviour patterns and habits. We can then create new positive and more appropriate ones.

It also offers us the opportunity to deeply relax which in turn can also increase our health and wellbeing.

How do I know I’ve been hypnotised?

You may ask, “How do I know I’ve been hypnotised?” Contrary to popular belief many hypnotees report that despite it being a very pleasant experience they do not feel any different to “normal.”

Even when they show positive signs of a good level of trance, they are unable to clearly distinguish one state from the other.

I think it is important for my patients to be aware of this because some have an expectation (and almost hope) they will drift off to planet Zog!

And of course, some do!

Some awaken with regret. They were in such an amazing place that could not be adequately described, but they knew something was “going on”.

Some patients say their arms or legs felt like lead. They couldn’t have lifted them if they tried. Some say the opposite. They felt very light and floaty.

Many report an awareness of their surroundings but they somehow feel a long way off at the same time. Similar perhaps to a long and refreshing daydream. They knew they could wake up at any time but chose not to do so because they were in such a pleasant place.

Within hypnotherapy most patients can easily achieve a light trance. Many can achieve a medium trance but fewer can achieve a deep trance. It is within a deep trance that surgery and dental work can be performed without the use of anaesthesia but it does require lots of training and practice.

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So what is hypnotherapy?


So what is hypnotherapySo what is hypnotherapy and what is my role as a hypnotherapist?

As a hypnotherapist I use my skills to help patients achieve the best outcome they can in whatever issue, condition or symptom they present with by helping them find their own positive inner resources.

Treating the Person

I am the catalyst that helps patients find their own inner resources, their own inner healing system. Sometimes these lie deeply hidden and they need help to uncover them. My aim is always to treat the person, not the issue, condition or symptom they present with.

I find it a privileged and somewhat humbling role because behind every face there’s a different story, and any number of possibilities as to why their particular symptom, issue or condition has occurred or developed in the first place.

And often a big part of the patient’s healing is in being able to talk, either in or out of trance, about something that’s possibly been hidden in a very deep place. Indeed, it may not even have been talked about before.

My biggest and best reward is hearing my patients tell me how much better they feel, that they now feel empowered to move on, that they can now move forward in a meaningful way and continue to positively improve their life.


So – what is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

How does it work?

Is it magic?

Hypnosis is actually a very natural state that we go in and out of several times a day without even realising it.

Have you ever been so absorbed in a book – or some other activity, that you’ve not been aware of what is happening around you?

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming at moments during the day?

Have you ever driven along a road deep in thought and then noticed you’ve passed certain points of your journey without realising? Or you have maybe reached your destination without taking in the details of your journey? Just as though you are on autopilot?

These are all instances of natural hypnosis.

Heightened Awareness

Hypnosis is an altered state of heightened awareness.

It happens when our attention is so highly focused that we exclude external stuff going on around us, even though we may still be aware of it being there.

People sometimes mix hypnotherapy with stage hypnosis.

Stage hypnosis is used purely as entertainment with the intention of making people look silly and ridiculous in front of an audience who find it funny.

Interestingly though, the tools stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists use to induce trance-like heightened states of awareness are the same, but we use them to achieve very different end results.

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes that benefit the recipient in positive ways. It does not brain-wash or control someone’s mind.

The mind will only go where it wants to go!

More to come ….

Until next time,


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Oak Leaf Wine.

Oak Leaf Wine, a wine of the Hedgerow

Oak Leaf Wine is a wine of the hedgerow. If you like to make your own Oak Leaf Wine, here is a recipe I would urge you to try at this Autumnal time of year. Oak leaves are a most unlikely ingredient. Oak leaf wine

Different every time

This wine will of course be different every time you make it, but if it is a good batch you will end up with a wonderfully fragrant wine that is the colour of amber and honey. You can make Oak Leaf Wine from the new leaves in the Spring but I choose not to do so. It always seems wrong to me to rob the tree of its new green leaves. In the autumn when the leaves are dying back anyway, I look upon it differently. The Oak leaves are a gift and I am not harming the tree. As always, you should pick the leaves from trees that are not affected by pollution, so away from roads and busy highways.

Preparing to gather your oak leaves

Pick the leaves just as they are withering on the branches but whilst they are still on the tree. The leaves should come away very easily. The next gust of wind would surely bring them down anyway. And before you leave, make sure you thank the Oak tree for its gift of leaves. After picking the leaves I leave them outside in a wine bucket for a few hours so that any little living creatures can make their way towards the light and escape!

My recipe for Oak Leaf Wine

So here’s the recipe: Ingredients: 2 gallons oak leaves 1 gallon boiling water 4lbs sugar 1/2 oz whole ginger (well bruised) 1 1/2 tsps. wine yeast.   Method: 1. Put the picked oak leaves in wine bucket and rinse them lightly with cold water to clean them then pour the boiling water over.  Leave standing for 3-4 days then strain and throw the leaves away (or compost). 2. Add the sugar and the ginger to the liquid and boil for 20 minutes. 3. When lukewarm add the yeast. Ferment for 10-12 days, then rack off and bottle. Leave in a cool dark place for one year to mature. Enjoy this wonderful wine of the hedgerow! Until next time, Sharon.

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New Website and Blog.

New website and Blog.

New website. New Blog.

I have a new website and blog.

My restyled and revamped website is now live!

And it comes with a new blog.


So what will I do with my blog? Although it is currently linked to my hypnotherapy website I have decided to not just concentrate on hypnotherapy related topics.

I have always loved writing. I love putting thoughts and ideas down on paper (or computer screen!) and then begin the process of crafting the words.

I want to reach out to a wider arena, to write blogs that share and inform and are good to read. Good enough to provide something, just something that keeps people coming back for more. We’ll see what happens in the days to come from this venture into glorious cyberspace. I know the internet has its negative side but frankly I don’t think I could now live without it!

Until next time ……..


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