New Website and Blog.

New website and Blog.

New website. New Blog.

I have a new website and blog.

My restyled and revamped website is now live!

And it comes with a new blog.


So what will I do with my blog? Although it is currently linked to my hypnotherapy website I have decided to not just concentrate on hypnotherapy related topics.

I have always loved writing. I love putting thoughts and ideas down on paper (or computer screen!) and then begin the process of crafting the words.

I want to reach out to a wider arena, to write blogs that share and inform and are good to read. Good enough to provide something, just something that keeps people coming back for more. We’ll see what happens in the days to come from this venture into glorious cyberspace. I know the internet has its negative side but frankly I don’t think I could now live without it!

Until next time ……..


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